History :

Stellae International was founded in 1991, with the intention of providing the supply chain solutions the fashion industry desperately needed. Initially it began with the importation of goods for fashion houses looking to build a US market. Through innovative thinking, our founder was able to simplify the way fashion houses shipped their merchandise to the United States. From there, our Import/Export and Logistics platforms were born. It began in a small office with only 5 employees; from there Stellae continued to grow as more and more companies required our services. Since then we have expanded our infrastructure and watched as our clients expanded alongside us. Through the vast changes in technology we have walked side by side with the fashion and luxury goods industry supporting its back office management and now we not only contain large fashion houses among our client list, but fashion startups as well. As the industry grows, so do we, as professionals in the back end of the fashion industry, we grow to provide the solutions and support that the industry needs.