Logistics Services

International Distribution:

Stellae International is able to deliver your packages anywhere within the United States or abroad. Through our international facilities, as well as our partners abroad, we can ensure that your deliveries make it to their destinations. We can handle the customs documentation to make sure that shipments move seamlessly through US Customs and to their destinations. Our team is constantly updated on new regulations and practices to ensure each packages expedited transit to its final destination.

Inventory Management:

With Stellae International’s Inventory Management system, we are able to efficiently monitor your inventory and organize it in a way that is easy for our customers to understand. With the ability to check your inventory using our management system, creating your daily reports and finding out information is as easy as clicking a button. Since all of the information that is visible is live, all changes that occur are in real time which will give your team an accurate and live snapshot of what is really going on at that exact moment. Our technology, coupled with our 120,000 sq. ft. warehouse which is equipped to handle all kinds of merchandise, our team can easily store and monitor your merchandise. In addition to this we also have temperature controlled rooms as well as a cooler to handle any sensitive goods that would require such. Our experienced team handles:

  • Garment on Hangers
  • Flat Pack Merchandise
  • Accessories and Shoes
  • Bulk Storage
  • Jewelry
  • Temperature Controlled Storage
  • High Value Storage


Wholesale/EDI Distribution:

Wholesale distribution can be difficult, as EDI compliance can often cause many issues for fashion houses. Our team can streamline and simplify the EDI process for you. We handle EDI account setup with the appropriate service providers, we can setup EAN13 codes and licensing, as well as setting up your catalog and assisting you in providing the information both the EDI service providers need as well as the Department stores. Once this step is completed, our operations team on the ground will receive, store, and ship your merchandise according the guidelines that the department stores have set for companies shipping merchandise to them. The idea of EDI is to ensure that all parties involved can have instantaneous paperless access to information pertaining to shipments going to the department stores ahead of time. By keeping you up to date with the department stores as well as their guidelines, we aim to not only ensure the delivery of your goods on-time but also minimize financial penalties for EDI Non- compliance. Our services include:

  • Catalog creation
  • EAN13 creation
  • Account Setup with Service Providers
  • Extra Value Services: Ticketing of merchandise, Removal of Safety Pins or other attachments considered as non-compliant with Department stores.
  • Packaging according to Department store standards
  • GS1-128/UCC-128 Label creation and application


Retail Distribution:

Stellae International handles retail distribution and fulfillment to our clients’ boutiques. Our team will organize merchandise and handle any extra value service requested: Ticketing, putting merchandise in protective plastic, whatever your needs are. We are able to ship your merchandise to any boutique, whether they are domestic locations or international. In addition to this we receive and process any returns that your boutiques may have as well. We are also able to accommodate and assist any special promotions or project your boutiques maybe having, either from our facilities or by sending a team to your boutique to aid you in your endeavors. Some services we provide include:

  • Quality control
  • Sample sale assistance
  • Store moves
  • Furniture storage/distribution
  • Staff assistance with organizing stock room



The Stellae International E-Commerce department provides the full logistics package for any company looking for assistance with their existing E-shops, or looking to start a new one. From inventory management to distribution, we have a full supply chain tailored to the needs of the E-commerce business. Our IT team handles the data integration which is able to expedite the transmission of orders from your individual system to ours, while our operations team handles the pick, pack, and shipping of the day-to-day. Our team strictly follows the guidelines of our clients in terms of gift wrapping, standard order packaging, gift cards, and special promotions. We ensure that packages leaving our facilities look the way you need them to. In addition to shipping we also handle any customer returns should they arrive, upon request, as well as any quality control that may be entailed with returns. We ship domestically and internationally for all E-commerce orders.