Special Projects

High Value Storage and Archiving:

Stellae offers long term, high valued storage for specific items at your request. These pieces are kept in a secure location that has 24-hour surveillance. Merchandise is kept in a controlled temperature environment on sealable hanging racks to protect the quality of the fabric. These pieces will be kept in storage for as long as you see fit, and we will also be able to handle any quality control that would be necessary if requested. With our inventory management system and web access, you will be able to see your stock levels as well as place requests to have your merchandise returned to you or shipped anywhere you wish. We can have pieces displayed for your photographer(s) to stage photo shoots as well.

Retail Merchandising Management:

Our Retail Merchandising Management services have grown into a new tool that can effectively assist our clients in running the day to day operations and consulting on future growth of their endeavors. Our Merchandising team provides consultation on setting up the stock room, training staff on how to organize products efficiently, assisting in management and fulfillment of boutiques, Merchandising and floor set up, as well as quality control issues upon request. This is our all-inclusive retail consulting package that delivers the front and back end assistance that you need, and provides the retail solutions your company is looking for.

Special Events/Projects:

Our logistics team is also prepared to handle any special projects you may have. From store moves to providing logistics services for special events such as fashion week, we have an experienced team who can manage all the ins and outs of the backend to make sure your special projects go smoothly and are delivered on time. Our IT department also assists in special projects you may undertake that would require their services. Our team is flexible in the types of projects we can handle; we tailor our services to your specific needs. Here are some examples of what we have done in the past:

  • Store Openings and setup
  • Boutiques moves and setup
  • Fashion week/ Fashion show deliveries
  • Distribution for marketing campaigns
  • Concierge service for special sales
  • Database management for Special sales campaigns
  • Private client deliveries